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The art of chewing

Are you a scoffer?

In Autumn we focus on our ability to surrender and let go of what no longer serves us.  As this ability strengthens we feel optimistic for future opportunities, we feel deep trust in the natural flow of our life and we feel positive and hopeful knowing that with any endings there are always new beginnings.

Practising yoga and committing to daily exercise will support the body’s ability to eliminate and let go.

But here are three reasons to add the art of chewing into your day to help bring more of the good stuff into your life.

Chewing affects your state of mind

If you struggle with mental or emotional unrest eating food quickly may cause more overthinking and disconnection.  Chewing your food with mindfulness integrates the mind and body bringing clarity and calm.

Chewing allows you to eat the correct amount

Overeating causes dampness, congestion and tension in the body and mind.  By chewing well we eat only what our body needs giving you the drive and desire to create a harmonious and abundant life.

Digestion starts in the mouth

Chewing stimulates the intestinal tract allowing for greater contraction of the colon to eliminate waste from the body.  Effective waste removal from the body brings a clearer mind, easier decision making and a lighter body.


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