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Can you let go?

Holding on is hard work…

Surrendering outdated beliefs, unhelpful thoughts, negative people and situations allows you to soften, to feel lighter and less encumbered, more open hearted and alive.

Trusting and surrendering seems even harder…

So why is it so difficult to do?

One reason, I believe is because we fool ourselves into thinking we are in control of everything.  Holding on to every aspect of life is, quite frankly – physically and mentally exhausting.

The opposite of gripping on is to trust and let go.  Trusting the natural flow of life – regardless of whether we perceive it to be bad or good.  Life is life – it just is.  No amount of holding your breath, clenching jaw and buttocks is going to change what others do or not do.

However, we can control how deeply we breath (which keeps our nervous system in check) and how we respond (keeping our thoughts in check) to triggering and challenging situations.

Remember – nothing is personal.

Autumn is the time to let go of our woes and trust in the flow of life. How do we let go?Japanese Yoga works on the premise that if we change the physical body, the emotional and mental aspects of ourselves will naturally follow. Here are 3 Japanese Yoga actions you can take:

1. Breathe deeply and completely. Focus on your exhale. Start by inhaling for 6 counts and exhaling for 10 counts.  This breathing technique will also help you fall into a restful sleep (yep…letting go…again)

2. Move your body. Morning movement is the best time to shed excess (weight, stress, heartbreak, low moods). Cardio in any form you like and aim for a light sheen of sweat across your skin.  It will help remove excess baggage from your body.  And mind.

3. Chew your food until it is liquid. No more scoffing or eating on the run. Stop, breathe and chew your meals to activate your large intestine function (elimination) and to maximise mineral absorption and nourishment.

Changing a habit takes a determined mind and sometimes many attempts to succeed.


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