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How do you soothe?

Summer is the Fire Element and the HEART is our focus.

Our heart is the first organ to form during the development of the body, it has its own memory and it is closely linked to the mind.

Joy is its primary emotion which reflects in Western Medicine's research regarding happiness and people with emotional vitality are less likely at risk of heart disease. Good mental health plays an important role in protecting, supporting, and calming the heart function. Just like we exercise for physical health, we must have regular practice for our mental health as well. Regular meditation, breathing exercises to keep the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) in check, gratitude listing, mental dump writing (then burning it), and reaching out for support are only some of the ways we can practice good mental health. I believe you must be actively on top of this and not wait until you're sinking. It's a daily practice when we feel like all is well - twice daily in challenging times. Self-soothing acts are also important - examples are:

  • saying no

  • going slow

  • take a bath

  • order or cook your favorite food

  • watch a comforting movie

  • put yourself to bed early

  • have a cry

  • call a friend

  • say a prayer

  • wrap yourself up in a blanket and be still

  • self talk - listing all that is working in life

  • dance it out to release energy

  • scream into a pillow

Addictions and addictive patterns are one way we can soothe ourselves however, it's a false calming and can create more issues with health both physically and mentally, socially, and financially.

Chinese Medicine uses an acupuncture technique called the NADA protocol for trauma and addiction.

We know trauma is the underlying reason addiction is present and must be addressed for any changes to occur for the individual.

The NADA protocol is a 5 point needle combination in the ear, the client relaxes for a period of time and then needles are removed and it one protocol is one of many acupuncture techniques I also use during a treatment.

In support of you staying awesome!

Kelli x


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