Embracing the traditions of Eastern healing modalities and Western health science to support your mental & physical health & wellbeing naturally.



At Zen Medicine Clinic, we know that as human beings we are not separate from our environment.  We are a part of nature and, as such are affected by its rhythms and cycles.

In a society that encourages burn out and constant band-aiding small health issues to keep us moving and producing, we slowly learn to ignore the whispers of what our body needs to stay in health.  Instead, we become unhappy, fatigued, and sick.

Kelli Howard takes an integrative medicinal approach to health and wellness.  She believes for true healing the focus must be on the whole person not just the symptom.  As a registered health practitioner, Kelli uses evidence-based treatments and lifestyle practices for therapeutic benefits.  She also works in tandem with other healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal healing for her clients.
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In the clinic, Kelli uses a combination of Chinese Medicine philosophy, Zen Shiatsu, Yoga Therapy, Food as Medicine, and Mindfulness.

A typical session will draw on these modalities and using diagnostic tools such as pulse, hara & channel palpation, observation of the tongue, facial area & body alignment, Kelli tailors treatment based on these diagnostic findings. 

To support the client back into pain-free and heartfelt living each session at the Zen Medicine Clinic is offered according to the individual needs using deep listening and responding with appropriate treatment. 


Kelli’s aim is to provides an integrative approach to healing working in tandem with western medicine practitioners where needed to support the client and ultimately reintroduce and educate simple lifestyle corrections so they are empowered and can self-direct their own wellness in life.

This is true Zen Medicine healing.

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