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Menopause (Hella-pause)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

AKA: The F*ckoning, Murderpause, OVERies, Hellapause, Gland Finale, Private Summer, The Change, Ovarian Retirement, Reverse Puberty, The Flash, The Itch.

Menopause - In Chinese Medicine we call it : The Second Spring. Much nicer I think.

On average 45-60 year old women will have naturally declining reproductive hormones (less estrogen & progesterone which regulate menstruation).

However this can commence much earlier depending on genetics & lifestyle.

So... what's common:

  • hot flushes/flashes

  • night sweats

  • mood swings/irritability

  • sleep disturbances

  • cognitive changes (memory loss, brain fog, loss of thought, confusion)

  • dryness & itchiness

  • weak pelvic floor

  • weight gain (mid belly area)

  • irregular / absent menstrual cycle

  • heart palpitations

  • sore joints & muscles

  • anxiety/depression

  • low libdo

What an exciting time to be alive, huh!?

While the menopausal shift can not be 'cured' we can ease the suffering via lifestyle changes and support via acupuncture and herbs.

The key words here are lifestyle changes. Not just for ease of symptoms but for all round health as the aging process continues. Strong body, toned muscles, bone health, mental / emotional balance & general joyful engagement in life.

In Chinese Medicine we look at the four aspects of health like the legs of a chair.
  • diet

  • emotional/mental ease

  • sleep

  • exercise

Even if one of these legs is broken or imbalanced it can throw off the whole stability of the chair.

  • eat more protein & fiber, less sugar & smaller portion sizes

  • meditate, mindfulness & Japanese yoga

  • prioritize sleep, create a relaxing routine before bed (up to 10 hours is normal for women)

  • move more - weight bearing exercises,

  • Japanese yoga

Each one of these actions nourishes the other, small changes practised everyday (or at least five days per week) are needed to create the shifts into more health & inner freedom.

Changes don't need to be excessive, quite the opposite is needed during this time - less stress, more yin (softness in approach) but we need consistency for lasting changes.

If you are overwhelmed with where to begin or need a personalised plan on how to incorporate positive changes into your life, massage, acupuncture & herbs are all available for you, reach out.


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