Join our online community of Yogis for a heartfelt seasonal yoga practise to keep you uplifted, physically relaxed and mentally inspired & joyful.

As a Zen Medicine Yoga Student you will be offered monthly online classes, recorded routines to do as you wish and lots of seasonal lifestyle tips to keep you feeling well & energised.

A typical class involves physical movement to stretch out muscle tension, create strength in lower back and core areas, breathing techniques to reduce stress, enliven your whole system and a short mindful meditation to still and calm your physical and mental body.


Muscle release

Digestive issues

Chronic pain 

Sleep problems

Posture correction (breathing improvement)

Strengthening core & back muscles

Calming anxiety

Mind & body integration (overthinkers)

Feel vibrant, alive & joyful

Peace & gratitude


Japanese Yoga

An 8 week online course

Winter Practise

Bringing our mind, heart, and body back into alignment ​to create freedom from mental struggle, emotional calm, and ease body pain and tension.


Winter Yoga supports our sense of stability & grounding - through strengthening the lower back and calming the nervous system.  This season's yoga practice may assist with the following issues:

Back & knee pain


Libido decline

Nervousness, feeling fear & anxiety


We'll meet on the mat each week for an hour of breath technique, mindful practice, yoga movement, and asana.

Live Streamed Online Classes

July - August 

Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30 pm

All classes have recordings provided for your convenience.

We don't wait until we're more flexible or less busy.  We start where we are right now - we start in our uncertainty, in our messiness, in our tension and pain.

Allow the practice of yoga to support your journey back to Alignment, Freedom, and Peace.

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yoga online

Join us from the comfort of your own home, outdoor space or workplace!

Yoga Online

yoga inner west

If you prefer to enjoy class and instruction in person, get in touch to enquire about our Inner West Studio classes.

Yoga Inner West


kelli howard yoga online.jpg

I appreciate Kelli’s ability to address the diverse ability levels of the group without creating pressure to all perform at the same level

Sue Anne R

kelli howard zen medicine yoga.jpg

She makes us smile through our hardest postures

Kate H

kelli howard yoga zen medicine

Kelli is a wonderful and perceptive teacher knowing always what we need at any given class

Alex T