Foods for Autumn

Do you chew?

Previous posts I've talked about HOW you eat your food and the health benefits of mindful eating. Today's post I'm providing you a list of helpful foods to improve the metal element within (Autumn). 

Certain foods have effect on the circulation of Qi flow. 

In Autumn we enjoy tastes that are pungent to:

  • decrease phlegm production

  • increase immune system function

  • improve dry skin conditions

  • strengthen the colon's ability to eliminate 

If you experience any of these common conditions see below for helpful food as medicine to add each day.

Consume warm cooked foods to decrease dampness in your body which may lead to phlegm build up in the lungs

(soups, casseroles and congee)

Add pungent flavours to stimulate the lungs and decrease phlegm and dampness

(ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, chilli, chives, curry, garlic, horseradish, onions, peppermint, spring onions)

Eat moist foods to combat dry skin

(spinach, barley, pears, apple, seaweeds, flaxseed, almonds, sesame seeds, honey, rice syrup, eggs) 

Chew all food well to support the colon function through peristalsis action. Add these foods to ground the qi creating contraction in the lower body which helps to you to eliminate effectively

(brown rice, millet, quinoa, oats and roots vegetables)

To moisturise a dry colon

(almonds, banana, cashew, figs)

Healthy immune function is multifaceted


Foods which are high in vitamin C

(leafygreens, orange coloured fruit and vegies)

Practising calm and mindfulness

(breathing, yoga, chewing and meditation)


(regularly meet your pillow by 10pm)


(at least 30 mins per day) 

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