Food as Medicine - Autumn

Autumn is traditionally associated with dryness, a time when temperatures start to fall, rains dry up and yang energies diminish as our place on earth turns yin once more. Autumn can also be the time when dampness and fog start the seasonal cycle of coughs and chills. The lungs and colon are the organ systems (including the skin) most affected by this season.

Using food as medicine we can enter this season with vitality and health.

To support your immune system include:

  • dark green and golden-orange vegetables

  • carrots

  • winter squash

  • pumpkin

  • broccoli

  • parsley

  • kate

  • turnip

  • mustard greens

  • watercress

  • wheat or barley grass

To combat dryness in skin & mucus membranes:

  • spinach

  • barley

  • pear apple

  • seaweeds

  • flaxseed

  • sesame seed

  • honey

  • rice syrup

For cleansing and protection:

  • onions

  • garlic

  • horseradish

  • cabbage

  • daikon radish

  • ginger

The Zen Medicine Clinic offers acupuncture, zen shiatsu & facial acupuncture (perfect to hydrate dry dull skin this season) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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