What's your body telling you?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Are you experiencing -

➡️Aches ➡️Pain ➡️Tension ➡️Vision disturbance ➡️Fatigue ➡️Insomnia ➡️Trembling ➡️Digestive complaints

These symptoms may be signs of stress especially if they’re recent, not usual or returned issues.

Stress is real and has a massive impact on our body, lowering our immune system and keeping our nervous system in fear – fight or flight (the part of our brain that tells us to horde loo paper).

This fear response is essential for keeping us alive but also needs to be switched off. If it stays activated we burn out, get sick, are more susceptible to colds and flu and may experience the list above.

Calming techniques to reduce stress reactions and to relieve the physical body of tension: ❤️breathing deeply focus more on lengthening exhale ❤️stretching all sides of the body (sides, spinal rolls, front (bridge) and all your joints (wrists, ankles, neck, shoulders, hips etc..) ❤️take care of the basics – eat, sleep, hydrate ❤️meditation- apps are great (insight timer is what I use)

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