Autumn-Trust, Let Go & add Miso Soup

Autumn is traditionally known as the start of the year in Japanese Yoga.  The act of letting go of useless, outdated beliefs, negative people, situations and physical holdings must be done BEFORE you can bring in the new.  

You need to exhale before an inhale can happen.   However, this can cause anxiety for many people, which sees them holding on way past the use by date causing undue pressure, stress and conflict. 

What we resist in our lives persists until we look at it, accept or change it.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, that’s why I love yoga!

Yoga offers you a chance to meet yourself exactly where you are at (warts and all). It gives you a moment to check in and examine what is happening within.  It’s an opportunity for you to move any tension out of your shoulders and neck, breathe life back into your skin, strengthen your back so you feel strong and grounded.  

In comes Autumn Yoga! And with it brings focus to your lungs and large intestine. The elimination organs! 

These two organs draw in nutrients and eliminate waste.  If your elimination function is weak you may have the following signs and symptoms:  breathing and/or bowel issues, feeling low and/or hopeless, poor decision making, headaches, sinus, dull or acne prone skin, thick waist, stubborn excess weight, low immune system, catching colds and flus easily, feeling uninspired regularly, tight neck and shoulders, clutching onto the past, outdated modes of thinking and mental/physical baggage. 

Autumn Yoga gives you contractive lower body strength to eliminate effectively, tones up and slims down, clears skin, sinus and mind, sharp decision making, shift sadness and low moods with breathing techniques and release upper body tightness and tension.  

Autumn Recipe – Miso Soup To boost your large intestine flora so you can extract every last bit of nutrient from your food before the rest is passed add miso soup to your daily diet. Creates intestinal flora to allow proper bowel function and creation of Vitamin B. Ingredients: Brown rice or barley miso paste Strips of seaweed (kombu or wakame) Onion Assorted vegetables Ginger to activate the miso. 

Grate a teaspoon of ginger per tablespoons of miso. Soup base; Bring water to the boil in a medium saucepan.  Add a finely cut strip of seaweed and boil rapidly. In a separate frying pan sauté onion.  Add sea salt to seal the onion and inhibit acid.  Add any veggies you like and sauté until cooked.  Turn the saucepan down to very low simmer and add onion and veggies to the pot.  Allow this to simmer gently for 10 minutes. To make miso soup:  heat up a portion of soup base/stock in a small pot.  In a bowl, put a cup of stock from the pot and a tablespoon of miso paste.  Mix until the miso dissolves.  Once it is dissolved add a teaspoon of grated ginger and return mixture to the soup in the pot.  Allow the soup to gently cook for 10 minutes before serving. Never boil miso or store miso paste in the fridge. Soup base can be refrigerated.

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