Fire Element 2020

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

It feels wrong to go along as usual with my annual summer newsletter with the chaos surrounding us at the moment.  How can life continue on as normal when it is anything but for many of our devastated communities who are suffering and battling for their lives.

Yet, I’m overwhelmed with the constant reminders of it on the news and social media.  I feel the fear, the anger and the helplessness but also the heart swelling pride of our communities coming together to support the people who have lost so much.

So what can I share with you now in terms of yoga & wellbeing…

Being summer and our focus is on our heart function and also the fire element.  Fire (heart qi) gives us clarity and we liken this to an open bloom flower – receptive, open, loving, clear communication and pure joy.

Of course, this is when it’s in it’s balanced form.

Shock, fear and trauma can disrupt the flow of heart qi and our fire element.

If there is too little fire within we become timid, depressed and anxious, too much fire and we can become hysterical, overbearing, overly emotional and our thinking is unclear.

At this time I feel it’s important to protect our heart by keeping as calm as possible and practise kindness to ourselves, to our families, friends and to everyone else we interact with during our day.  Have you ever been minding your own business when someone walks pass you and gives you a heart warming smile?  Do that.  Often.  Even if they don’t reciprocate.  Know that, for an instant they felt seen.  Connection with others opens the heart and we need this more than ever at this time.

One of the wonderful traits of the heart is community, compassion, love and giving.    The donations of money, food, clothing, opening of homes to strangers, support and solidarity as fellow humans has been heartwarming to witness.

The fires around us are traumatic and at the same time showing us how amazingly wonderful Australian hearts are and how strong the human spirit is when we stand together.

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