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Join our studio & online community of Yogis for a heartfelt seasonal yoga practise to keep you uplifted, physically relaxed and mentally inspired & joyful.

As a Zen Medicine Yoga Student you will be offered weekly in person & online classes, recorded routines to do as you wish and lots of seasonal lifestyle tips to keep you feeling well & energised.

A typical class involves physical movement to stretch out muscle tension, create strength in lower back and core areas, breathing techniques to reduce stress, enliven your whole system and a short mindful meditation to still and calm your physical and mental body.

  • Face to face classes to stabilse, calm & strengthen your energy & body

    Starts Aug 10

    220 Australian dollars

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  • Online classes to stablise, calm & strengthen your energy & body

    Starts Aug 10

    220 Australian dollars

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Three Part Wood Element Yoga Series

These classes are an opportunity to release deeply held tension from the body, face and digestive system.  We use movements to access the energy channels in the body to nourish the tendons, joints and muscles, creating mental / emotional ease, strong physicality & flow, radiant skin & clearer eyesight.


Each class is 30 mins, practise anytime of day, and regularly for sustained benefits, suitable for beginners.

Three Part Metal Element Yoga Series

These classes generate movement for the lungs and colon energy.  We have the opportunity to strengthen the lower body to ground and encourage effective elimination of toxins and waste from the body.  By focusing on the lungs we foster vitality & inspiration for a positive mental state.  These classes support weight loss, sinus clearing, immune strengthening & improved digestive function.


This series includes two 30 mins express classes and one 60 min class for weight loss specifically.  Suitable for beginners.

Emerging From Lockdown - Yoga For Mental Health


Offering the community an emotional support class as we move out of lockdowns, restrictions & uncertainty.


Cultivating openness in the heart (for connection), releasing & encouraging smooth flow of liver qi (let go of tension) and strengthening kidney qi (stabilising your body) provides a much easier transition into the world again.

Muscle release

Digestive issues

Chronic pain 

Sleep problems

Posture correction (breathing improvement)

Strengthening core & back muscles

Calming anxiety

Mind & body integration (overthinkers)

Feel vibrant, alive & joyful

Peace & gratitude

Why practice yoga?
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What people are saying...

I cannot recommend the Wood Element series highly enough - I absolutely love all three sessions in this series. 


1/2 an hour each morning is very do-able for me. The deep breathing, gentle stretches and specific asanas are just what my body craves. I felt the benefits from the start and I feel it definitely sets me up for the day ahead. Thank you Kelli.


- Therese