The burning herb that heals...

My clinic room often has a very particular spicy, acrid, smoky aroma which clients regularly comment on.  If they know me well enough the enquiry is usually if I’ve been smoking weed.  Moxibustion is indeed an invasive weed called Mugwort, however, I don’t smoke it (although one can) rather, I use it as an effective heat therapy for a long list of health conditions.

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Folium Artemisae Aagyi

Moxibustion has a long history in folk medicine from Asia to Europe.  The name moxa is from the Japanese word mogusa meaning ‘burning herb’.  The Latin name for mugwort Artemisiae is derived from the Greek goddess of childbirth Artemis.  Moxa is used regularly for women’s health conditions.  Romans planted Mugwort along the roadsides to assist weary travellers by rubbing their bare feet in the plant giving them a boost of energy to continue on the journey. 

In clinic moxibustion is burnt either directly – rolled into cones placed onto the skin or indirectly over the skin on acupressure points and along meridians (energy lines).   It can also be rolled into a ball and placed onto the needle handle and ignited bringing warmth directly into the acupoint.  Other ways to use this healing herb is to place a cone of moxa onto a slice of ginger or pile of salt and burn over specific areas of the body depending on the health condition and required outcome.

The warmth generated by the moxa known for adding energy to the body by enhancing Qi and blood flow and expels cold and damp conditions which manifests as pain. 

Many health conditions can benefit from moxibustion therapy such as; digestive system pain or sluggishness, gynaecological conditions (menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, turning a breech baby), muscle tension, increasing circulation, arthritis pain and general fatigue.

Chronic health problems which have lowered the body’s immune system and patients who have general weakness as a result may benefit from moxibustion therapy as it has a tonifying and fortifying effect.

The winter months are the perfect time for supporting immune function and moxibustion therapy in tandem with acupuncture is beneficial as preventative medicine.

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