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I’m so happy you’ve found your way here!


So often students ask for yoga movements, breathing & acupressure techniques to help with their health aliments and imbalances outside of the weekly classes.  


The online yoga platform is the perfect space to share Seasonal Japanese Yoga sessions with the corresponding elements to address common health complaints.  More importantly you have at your finger tips tools to support your whole system keep strong, aligned and relaxed whenever and wherever you are.


Simple movements with breath work have profound effects on every level of being.  

  • Sleep issues

  • digestive pain

  • hormonal imbalances

  • mental/emotional stresses 

  • and much more are found within this portal.


Both express classes (<30mins) and hour long full sessions are offered to accomodate a busy lifestyle.   Classes will be updated on a regular basis as new content becomes available.


How you choose to practise your classes is up to you however here are some suggested ways to utilise the sessions:

  • practise the season we are currently in - fabulous for keeping aligned with the environment and strengthening the organ systems for that time of year

  • choose a class which addresses the health condition you need support in

  • flow through an element each day

  • randomly select a class and discover more about your strengths and weaknesses for greater self awareness and growth

  • repeat a class you find most challenging (mentally or physically) - discover the levels of change over time


My greatest wish is you discover the joy of practising yoga regularly, that you find your own unique way to incorporate holistic health into your daily life.  

With mindful regular practise you’ll find health issues fade away, and vitality, inner peace and physical strength become a natural state of being.


Enjoy & Stay Awesome!

Love Kelli x

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