Cupping Treatment


Cupping is an ancient Chinese Medicine therapeutic treatment used by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners to improve Qi and blood flow through the body. 

At our clinic, it is used in conjunction with other therapies to improve results.  If you have noticed round coloured marks on people and wondered what it was, cupping is the likely answer.  Glass, silicone or plastic cups are applied using either fire or suction to create a vacuum.  This vacuum draws up and holds the skin within the containers, which are usually placed on the large muscles of the body (back, neck, shoulders and legs.)

The practitioner controls the amount of suction by holding cups still on the skin for up to 20 mins or moving them around by applying oil to allow the cups to glide easily.

PLEASE NOTE: Cupping is not offered as a standalone service, but may be incorporated into broader treatments.  To explore our service packages, click the button below.


DID YOU KNOW?  The colour generated on the skin by cupping is also used as diagnostic tool for the practitioner.  It allows them to offer further support via acupuncture, herbal medicine or lifestyle advice, depending on diagnosis.

Colour can range from deep purple/black through to light pink which fade gradually over days or weeks depending on the patient’s health.  Generally, each time cupping is performed the colour should change and become lighter which shows improvement in circulation and health.

At the Zen Medicine clinic, we use small synthetic cups primarily in our Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments for the facial, neck and chest areas.  The aim is not to mark the skin but rather to improve and even the complexion, relax tense facial muscles (which left unchecked create lines and wrinkles), and skin plumping and skin toning. 

A wonderfully relaxing experience used in tandem with Gua Sha (skin scraping) and facial rejuvenation needling.


This deep tissue therapy is effective for the following needs:

  • invigorating circulation

  • relieving pain and tightness

  • releasing toxins

  • activating the lymphatic system

  • loosening muscle fibres

  • encouraging blood flow

  • calming the nervous system

  • clearing congestion in the lungs