Corporate Vitality
Begins With Balance

Valuing people first... When you provide opportunities for your team members to re-set during the day, whether they are working from home or in your office, it demonstrates that their health and wellbeing matters. This level of care translates to greater satisfaction and increased loyalty. From something so simple, the benefits – to the individual and your business - accumulate! It may seem counter-intuitive but taking time to recharge brings many rewards, including:


  • Less stress

  • Greater focus

  • Happiness 

  • Harmony

  • Productivity 

  • Clarity

What people are saying...

Kelli is a very dedicated professional yoga instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with, and went above and beyond in organising and videoing our new online on-demand chair yoga program.  It was a pleasure working with Kelli and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in the future.


Julie Stralow, Burwood Council

Chair Yoga Package

This is a 6 part yoga series designed to

make yoga accessible to all.

Each class has a different focus:  joint & circulation, upper back release, back strengthening, positive mood, stress less and, sleep well. 

All classes draw from traditional practices of yoga, mindfulness, acupressure & breathing techniques to encourage good health both physically and mentally.  Classes are designed to be practiced regularly.

Workplace Yoga Series

This 14-part yoga program focuses on areas of the body most affected by professionals in the workplace environment.  


Each class is accessible 30 minutes and incorporates yoga movements and postures to release tension and counter postures to decrease the effects of repetitive strain injuries and other holding postures found from prolonged screen time or standing and repetitive actions. 

Breathing and mindfulness techniques are also woven into the classes to encourage energy levels, calm, clear thinking, and decision making.

Many people and organisations – from elders to youth, local councils to corporates, have already benefited from these series of pre-recorded classes. 


Our first step is always to listen. 

  • What are your needs?

  • What are the benefits you’d like to see translated into your workplace?


Yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, and acupressure are just some of the ancient modalities we may draw on. It’s in the tailoring – a unique process of selection, combining and delivering our expertise to meeting your needs – that magic happens. 


We make it easy and enjoyable for you & a ‘win’ for everyone you work with. 


Start the conversation towards greater health, wellness, satisfaction, and harmony in your workplace. Contact us.