HICAPS private health fund rebates are available for all acupuncture & Chinese Medicine services.

Clinic appointments are held at our Glebe premises.  For address, see our Contact page.

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Acupuncture with 
Zen Shiatsu Massage

Bringing together Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Zen Shiatsu Therapy.


Common issues presenting in clinic are:

  • pain management

  • digestive issues

  • muscular skeletal problems

  • women's health

  • mental & emotional disharmony


A 90 min treatment consists of:

  • Consultation

  • Diagnosis for treatment plan

  • Release & balance Shiatsu massage

  • Acupuncture

Your session may also include a combination of other supports which may include cupping, Gua Sha, herbal formula, yoga therapy, meditation, lifestyle counselling & nutritional guidance.

Cosmetic Acupuncture
with Zen Shiatsu

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a two fold approach to address internal imbalances which over time become external issues showing on the facial area.


Treatment particularly beneficial for increasing hydration to plump and smooth fine lines & wrinkles, even out dull dry or mottled complexion and to release deeply held tension in the face.  

Regain a youthful glowing complexion

The Original Treatment consists of:

  • Consultation

  • Diagnosis for treatment plan

  • Release & balance massage

  • Facial & body Acupuncture

  • Neck acupressure massage

  • Gua Sha with Pureheart Alchemy Mermaid oil

Treatment packages are available on request

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

The Top Up Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment is a wonderful way to inject some love into your skin.  

These sessions are suitable for clients who have received the full Original treatment and require a seasonal boost or have an important event they want to look and feel they're best for.

This is also a fabulous introduction treatment for clients curious about non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Top Up sessions include:

  • Consultation

  • Diagnosis for treatment plan

  • Facial & body acupuncture

  • Neck acupressure massage

  • Gua Sha with Pureheart Alchemy Mermaid oil

Yoga 1:1 Online

Our private yoga session may not be on a beach but we can certainly bring a relaxed holiday vibe to our body and mind with a customised yoga session.

The benefits of regular yoga are many however most yogis love the sense of physical and emotional peace that comes after a class.

Private sessions are suitable for clients who want a diagnostic bespoke approach to their practise.  

In a one on one session we get very specific on your needs and consists of:

  • Consultation

  • Class delivered based on needs

  • Support and correction offered throughout session

  • Recorded for your own home practise


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