Burwood Community Yoga offers a heart felt Japanese Yoga practice that aligns students with the seasons through movements/postures, breath-work and meditation techniques.

Regular practice will build core body strength, increase flexibility and tone muscles, it will give the student a sense of calminspiration and joy for life. All classes incorporate traditional Hatha Yoga, the 5 element theory (the principles of yin and yang) and Zen Shiatsu massage to increase internal and external strength and to release tension in the body and mind.

Each season offers a new challenge on the yoga mat, a different focus and way of moving the body.  Just as nature changes with each season so to does the human body and way of living.  All classes address strengthening the digestive system and lower back strength.

Beginners are welcome!

2017 Dates


Term 1 30 Jan – 8 April
Term 2 24 April – 1 July
Term 3 10 July – 18 Sept
Term 4 9 Oct – 16 Dec

$25 casual drop in
$111 5 class pass
$180 10 class pass
$333 unlimited term pass





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8:00 am            
General Yoga
6:00 pm  
General Yoga
General Yoga
7:15 pm      
Intro to Yoga


‘I’m amazed at the plethora of routines and sequences Kelli keeps bringing to her classes’

‘She makes us smile through our hardest postures’

‘I appreciate Kelli’s ability to address the diverse ability levels of the group without creating pressure to all perform at the same level’

‘Kelli’s classes are a perfect blend of strength and stretching and makes my body feel alive and invigorated’

‘Kelli is a wonderful and perceptive teacher knowing always what we need at any given class’